Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Starting to grasp peace

Another day along mom's initial journey while I was writing in this old sketch book... this one the day after the last, in between the two posts was the first time that mom got to experience the wonder of the code blue. As a complication of the length of her initial surgery (>8hrs) she developed some clot issues that brought about a pulmonary embolus. The night in between reading and writing about the promises of God and the security we have in believing in His faithfulness, and this next day was the first time in this process that I nearly lost my mom...

"But Moses told the people, 'Don't be afraid! Just stand where you are and watch the Lord rescue you' ... 'The Lord Himself will fight for you. You won't have to lift a finger in your defense.'" Exodus 14:13-14

Not only can God take care of all the junk that happens in our life, but He also wants to take care of it. He desires to be Lord of our lives, He desires to be our provider and sustainer. He asks us to stand firm, trust Him, and allow Him to demonstrate His love and power as He willfully and completely handles the things in our life that are far beyond our scope of understanding.
The God who created it all wants to help. I can't get past the implications here... His desire is to be exactly who the Bible says He is.

"When I sit and think of all that You created, and still, You choose to think of me" Offering- Third Day

--- What a truth in time of great need... we get caught up in our circumstances, we even say cliche things about everything happening for a reason, or that God is in control, and so on... but we miss something very important when we trivialize who God is, and what His mission is. God's mission is the advancement and expansion of His glory, part of accomplishing such a mission is that He must remain in a place that is worth glorifying. The only way we can hope to achieve keeping God in such a place in our own lives is to truly trust Him as Lord... and part of that is relinquishing control to Him in all circumstances. As Moses told the Israelites, God does not need anything from us to rescue us, or to defend us. Combine that with the truth of yesterday, as a firm grasp of the security of God's hands, and we begin to see and understand at a deeper level just how sufficient God is to be exactly who God is... Let go, and let God defend you, rescue you, and seal you in His hands... in that you will find greater peace than this world could better offer.

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