Monday, June 4, 2012

Elementary Truths: easy does not equal right

I have recently, the past month or so, finally realized the sometimes a person can't always do what is easy. I have learned that we have to do what is right, and sometimes, that is really hard. I know, we all think that this is pretty basic, and that everyone knows this truth... But here's the thing, if everyone knows it, why do so few do it?

It's a message that is shoved down our throats from elementary school and to eternity... And yet again, we live as though the concept is foreign.

I have made 2 major decisions in the last month that I consciously was aware were not the easy choice. I struggled mightily, claiming that I was pursuing God's will... But I knew, very clearly, in each case where God stood. I was trying to find a way to blame God for making the easy choice.

You know what happens when you do that? You get nailed by sermons, personal bible study, books, peers, your wife...everything. Resisting such a strong call and direct guidance of our God opens you up for a gauntlet of conviction... I, personally, went into bargaining mode. I knew that my choices, though right, would cost me some things. And not just small things, things that I rank as pretty important in my life. They would probably even hurt some folks who are close to me. So, how could they be the right choice?

Because, the things that I would be sacrificing are all things that I often place at a higher priority in life than God. From that perspective, it becomes a matter of whether my relationship with Christ is truly the most important thing, or if it is one of the many other things I put in its place.

It is this act of melting down my own golden calf, and being able to tangibly feel the personal sacrifice that has given me peace that these decisions, while hard, are right. It is that knowledge that has brought me to the place of finally, truly KNOWING that sometimes, the right choice is not the easy choice.

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