Friday, June 8, 2012

An honest question

Something that has been a recurring theme lately in books I'm reading, sermons I'm listening to, and, most recently, in some VeggieTales I was watching earlier... Sometimes and, it seems apparent to me, most of the time, forgiveness not only requires repentance, but also repayment/replenishment.

We see it in the story of Zacchaeus, when he became a follower of Jesus, he felt he not only needed to repent, but to give back what he took and more! And in the VeggieTales telling of Esther, we see King Xerxes, upon learning that it was Mordecai that saved his life, not only asked forgiveness, he lavished him with royal gifts!

The fact that this principle keeps cropping up makes me wonder what kinds of things we miss in day to day life to say, "I'm sorry, I was wrong, help me make it right." In a sermon from Luke, Mark Driscoll talks about this by describing it if you let a "friend" borrow your Hyundai, and he never returned... Until one day, he apologizes, and then hands over the keys to his new BMW.

So, what I am asking is this, if you read this... How have I wronged you that I have not apologized for, and how can I repay my debt to you?

I will ask that you keep in mind that I am not capable of gifting you a Beamer...

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