Thursday, June 7, 2012

Not a Fan: week 2: "Follow me"

Last night was the second installment of our church-wide study of Kyle Idleman's book, "Not a Fan". We focused mostly on the accounts of the gospels' recording how Matthew became a follower of Christ.

While discussing the verses, we were to look at what it was that stood out to us about Matthew's conversion. Many pointed to how he immediately followed, or how he left everything to follow. For the purpose of our study, those are awesome points. It gives us a great example of how a terrible sinner like Matthew can be accepted, as he is, by Christ. It is also an impressive and inspiring story to see someone as wealthy and powerful leave everything and, immediately, follow.

For me, and where I have been struggling lately, the words that stuck out most to me were the words of Jesus, "Follow me". That's all He said to Matthew. It wasn't a request, Jesus wasn't asking if Matthew wanted to follow. It was a command, "Follow me."

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