Thursday, March 1, 2012


Ever have a moment where you say something and it hasn't yet fully left your lips and you already feel that familiar tug of conviction? Ever amazed at how fast the Holy Spirit works sometimes?

I uttered this phrase while having a talk with my wife earlier today, "I'm tired of feeling like all I do is serve my family" I didn't mean it to come out quite like that, but I know it came out like that because it was what I was feeling, I just didn't slow down enough to put it in better words.

As it turns out, my pride and ego are still a work in progress... I sometimes forget that serving my family is serving God. It is not only my duty as a man, but my privilege as a Christian. I've been in a selfish rut lately, and that's gotta change... New baby on the way means another person to serve. I am striving to do so with a proper heart, and a joyous spirit. I am immeasurably blessed in opportunities to glorify God in my own home, and with His guidance and grace, I know I can be a better man.

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