Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Where I am

Sometimes our heart requires breaking, the repair of the heart, when done through Godly wisdom and counsel leads to strengthening and ultimately a better life. In the meantime, it hurts.

The first time I was ever truly broken, I went from engaged to single in the blink of an eye. I remember sitting, gazing at the stars, trying to figure out what happened and why. All I wanted was to scream at God, turn, and run... instead, through some timely and truly loving advice from a friend, I turned right at God and went to His word. I felt challenged to prove that the answer was not present in some book. How could this book possibly help me now? What I learned that night was that it is foolish to try to prove God wrong... grumpily reading through some scripture I came across a parable. In this parable we see two seeds that landed in the same spot of dirt. They began to grow and become strong, and then one tree was ripped up from the spot and placed away from (yet still close to) the second tree. The result was that each tree rooted much more firmly and produced much more bountiful fruit. As the trees grew, their branches reached out to one another and they were again joined as two beautiful, productive trees.

I took this to heart and chose to plant myself firmly in God, and blindly trust that He knew what he was doing. My growth from that point was far from perfect, but I strived to remain focused on God, and trusted Him to make His will come... Within only a few years, my fiancee and I were married. It is a daily struggle sometimes to remember that so much pain was required to build me up into more of the man God wants me to be, and sometimes I forget that He is not done with me... I forget that if I am not careful, and do not walk with God as I should that there could be even greater pain and heart break in my future.

Been spending this week in Psalm 119, convicted about my obedience... praying that I will take those words as seriously as I used to

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