Monday, March 19, 2012


reading through some old writings and discovered that this never got posted here...

So, this has been kindda bugging me lately and in the car just now I heard it again... There is a commercial on 88.3 that talks about the music and listener reactions and it is in reference to John Waller's "While I'm waiting"... the woman makes a comment about how she loves that song because it reminds her that all she needs to do is wait on God and everything will be ok...

Whereas that is nice sentiment and I fully agree that there are times in life when we are supposed to wait on God, I think the we (myself emphatically included) have failed to understand what this means. I think that if we listen to the lyrics of that song, and search the Bible, we discover that most of the time, waiting on God is not an idle task. We hear, "wait on God" and think, "Ok God, I'll be right here when you are ready to tell me what to do." But listen to what Waller sings, "I will serve you while I'm waiting and I will worship while I'm waiting." "I will move ahead bold and confident, taking every step in obedience" "I'll be running the race, even while I wait."

He nails it! So often when we "wait" on God, we are just sitting, idle... what are we expecting to happen? The Bible tells us, and Waller paraphrases, that we should be serving and worshiping. We should be actively seeking God's instructions by following the ones we already know. Instead of sitting idle, waiting for a bush to catch fire to tell us what to do, we should be following the will of God to love others and serve the least of us... we should look to His word for instruction and step out boldly in faith, confident that even though the service we are doing may not be the pinnacle of God's plan for our life, that we are serving God the way we are commanded. Through these services and through prayerful meditation God reveals more of His plan for us, and directs us further. It takes our willingness to "move ahead bold and confident" to gain a deeper understanding of God, and the work He wants us to do. For example, remember that burning bush? Nothing happened there until Moses took action... God did not call out, "Hey, Moses, yeah, you... get over here!" God waited for Moses, not the other way around.

One failing of Christians today is that we do not serve while we wait, this results in a perception that we only care about you when it is convenient for us, or when you wander into our church. We forget that we are to be always serving, and always loving. We wait for the next big event to do something, we wait until we think God is ready... how silly does that sound? Once again we try to dictate to God when its a good time to reach out, when its an ok time to let someone know how much He loves someone. I am awful at this, and I know most of you are too... why not try to be a little better at waiting on God by doing what Jesus told Peter... lets feed some sheep

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