Monday, February 20, 2012

Sometimes good is wrong

Satan does not always place bad things in our path. It is not necessarily his tactic to distract us with evil. I think just as often, if not more so, Satan lures away Christians by using "good" things.

Good, in this case, does not mean right... But it seems that when I am closest to God, and I start to feel like there is nothing that Satan can do to pull me away, he will use that to slowly chip and peck until I find myself drifting. It is among the devil's oldest tricks to slightly distort the truth of God and make it still sound good. It's how he has operated since before the fall... I figure it is how he convinced his legions of angels to rise against God at the very beginning. So, why would he change now, if it ain't broke, don't fix it

What I mean is this, we so often get caught up in doing "good" things that somewhere along the way we forget to keep growing in our personal walk with Christ. Our works begin to take higher priority in life. We reach a point when we say, "so I haven't opened my bible this week, I've been busy building relationships and showing my faith" we seem to get so busy putting on a show for others, instead of glorifying God.

When that happens, all the "good" we do is selfish, ego-stroking sin. Our relationship with Christ is to be first, out service and work is to flow out from there. If we allow Satan this foothold, he will find it very easy to distract us and keep us from the word, and slowly guide us down the gradual path to destruction

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