Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday morning conviction- 12/11/11

This morning's message was an absolute punch in the heart... as we continued through our series on James, we began talking about temptation. Specifically we talked about being able to recognize the pathway from temptation, to desire, to sin.

It hit me as we explored this pathway that there has been an issue in my life recently that if I didn't stop to recognize, I would be leaving myself wide open and available to full attack from Satan. In light of that, I know that where my relationship with God has been lately, that there was very little chance that I would be fully able to resist the potential desires present. I hate to believe that I could become susceptible to certain sins, but I have to admit that I am human. I have to be real and honest enough to say that I am capable of committing any and all sins. It worries me that I was so blindly walking down such a potentially hazardous route. But that is how Satan often operates. Satan managed to intertwine himself into an area of my life that I know is important, and an area in which God has called me to work. But as Satan does, he twists, ever-so slightly in our minds, the will of God. At moments when I came to realizing that I might be allowing temptation to push me in the wrong direction, I found myself justifying it using the excuse of God's will. How frightening is it to realize that!?

I need to thank God that He always gives us an escape from temptation. I also need to thank my wife who brought to my attention over the past week, that she was worried that I might be headed down a bad path. I sadly blew her off at first, blinded by my own pride and desires. I see now that she was right on the money. I am thankful that her warning, and today's message both came at the point of time that I have not done anything regretful, or hurtful. But, the gut check does allow me to step back and re-evaluate my place in the situation and how to turn it back to how God intends that situation to be.

I hope anyone reading this has someone in their lives who has the courage and love for them that my wife has. I can't imagine it was easy for her to confront me. But my walk with God, and being the man that I need to be, is so important to her that she knew she had to step in. She is an amazing woman, and I am thankful that she said what she had to. If you do not have that person in your life, I suggest you seek one out. After my relationship to God, my relationship with her is most important.

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