Saturday, December 3, 2011

Little drummer

I hope to, sometime in the near future do a series of posts looking at the many misunderstood ideas, words, etc of Christianity. These will hopefully take a closer look at things like grace, love, joy, meekness, and other such things that have been so misrepresented by both the secular and religious worlds. I am really looking forward to these posts, but thats not what I have for today... I thought it was, but then as I was driving home just now, I was listening to Christmas music, and it really smacked me... my pride is trying to creep back into control of my life.

I hate it when my pride does this, but I also acknowledge that my ego is a formidable beast and will often need strong efforts to keep it at bay. I have been bombarded recently with acts that have stroked said ego. I have also sat front row to some impressive displays of pride from others. As with so many other things in life, its is easiest to despise the characteristic found in another that you most despise within yourself... so what does this have to do with Christmas music?

The little drummer boy, thats what... he totally gets it. He understands the idea of missional living and humble service to his King. The line that truly struck me (I'll refrain from adding the pah-rump-a-pum-pums, but feel free to sing them to yourselves) "I have no gift to bring... that is fit to give a King... Shall I play for you... on my drum?"

He gets it! We have nothing, not one thing, that even begins to crest into the realm of a gift that is fit to give to Christ. We have nothing outside of Jesus, Himself. So, what should we give to Him? Whatever we've got, and all of it! Give completely of ourselves, humbly and completely, to the One who gave it all... realize that it is only by His grace that we have anything! Stop feeling like we are entitled anything... God owes us nothing, yet gives us everything... when we feel like we have been shorted by God, we are slapping the death of Christ right in the face. We are entitled nothing, yet we expect more... I feel I deserve something more than I have... when will I realize that I have all I will ever need?

The drummer boy got it, and he laid it down for Christ... and the baby Prince smiled. When was the last time I made my Lord and Savior smile?

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