Monday, March 28, 2011

3/28/11- A Hurtful Burden

A hurtful burden has been floating around my heart lately, and is something I should be spending more time in prayer about than what I do. It is a burden for those many people out there who are atheist, agnostic, or Christians who have turned from God. To be a lot more specific, it is for those who have made these choices because of actions of Christians. I'm talking about those of us who fail so miserably at properly representing the gospel of Christ that we cause people pain. The people who chose to turn from God because of a Sunday School teacher, a Christian friend, pastor, parent, or other loved one. We all know these people. The ones who have turned the Gospel into an argument of preferences and policies, and have long forgotten the words of God. The ones who will turn someone away because of the sin in their life instead of lovingly embracing them and helping them find the path away from those sins. The people who forgot what it was like to be lost as a slave to our own flesh.

We, as Christians, have to get back to living the gospel. Jesus never turned away anyone, he loved and embraced everyone. He drew a hard line on sin, and He never wavered. If the church would treat people like Jesus, I think fewer people would chose to not believe

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