Wednesday, January 11, 2012

John taught me something today

It's amazing to me, maybe it shouldn't be, but it is... Its amazing to me how God works through His word. A brief study this morning in John 14 helped me understand more clearly today the idea of the transforming power of Christ's love.

I never before understood, as I feel I do in this moment, how crucial the conversion moment in our lives is the single point in time at which our spirit might be closest to that which Jesus asks of us... In that moment we are choosing to accept, in full faith, the saving grace of God.

In John 14 we see Christ instructing the wise men on who truly loves God. He explains that it is those who follow His commands that truly live Him. We can extend that out knowing that we are truly the hypocrites that society believes we often are. I don't always obey the commands of God, and yet, I say I love Him? It makes me, on the surface, appear no different than the list world.

So, how do I improve on following the commands of God? I have to look back at the moment in my life that I truly demonstrated that I believed there was nothing more important in life than my personal relationship with Christ. In that moment, that's all that mattered. When we struggle with the things of this world, we are called to focus on Christ. To do so is to remember the emptiness of life before Christ, and to find again that strength and boldness to move to Him.

We must never forget the feeling in our soul at the moment we first is through the love of Christ and by His grace that we can go through this life and know that it is a mere speck on the face of an eternity spent in a world that has never known sin.

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