Saturday, December 27, 2014


Praying for a team that is soon to be leaving from our church and headed into a small country for the sole purpose of proclaiming the gospel of Jesus. As I sit and meditate on it all, I'm awestruck by the realization that right now, wherever they are, whatever they may be doing, there are people counted in the elect of God. Unbeknownst to any one of them is a stirring deep in their soul of the spirit of a lost sheep, longing to hear the call of it's shepherd. They are, likely, fully unaware of miraculous and powerful workings within them as the gardener is tilling and preparing soil for the sowing of seed. These people are just going about their day, oblivious to an intersection and intercession occurring in their midst. No matter who or where they are, physically or spiritually, God is readying them.

In the fullness of His timing and through the work of His immense grace... working through the surrendered and obedient lives of those who are going, the shepherd will call, the seeds will be sown upon the good soil, and light will be brought forth into the darkness. Those who are of God's elect, your spirit will hear the voice of your Shepherd, and you will recognize His voice, and follow Him. Your garden will be perfectly prepped and will receive the seed of the gospel, it will take root, and bear lasting, life-altering fruit, and that light will shine down a path of righteousness.

The process is so assured that we need to, right now, today welcome our new brothers and sisters. Embrace those who have been missing from our Father's table, and celebrate the return of our prodigals. We celebrate in the Kingdom that is both here and not yet, that is visible yet hidden. We trust in the word of God that all those He calls will come, and all who come will be justified, and all who are justified are glorified. All to the praise of His glory.

Welcome to the family, my soon to be brothers and sisters. I'm praying for you.

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